Using Dried Fruit to Achieve 2018 Diet Resolutions

Using Dried Fruit to Achieve Diet Resolutions

The end of January meant nearly 80 percent of people that made “eat healthy” resolutions at the onset of a new year have abandoned them already! While it can be tough to be dedicated to a new way of eating, Traina Foods encourages health-eating resolvers to stick with it! Eating healthy is important for several reasons — not just weight loss or weight maintenance. A healthy diet can boost moods, provide better and more restful sleep, help people feel more energetic and even help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Traina Foods shares all the ways dried fruit can help people achieve their healthy eating goals!


1. Dried fruit is full of fiber — Fiber is essential for keeping the digestive system moving properly and it also keeps the body feeling fuller longer. Instead of reaching for a handful of chips, crackers or other empty calorie-snack, Traina Foods suggests pairing dried fruit bits with nuts, oats or seeds for a quick, healthy snack. 


2. Dried fruit is ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets — With the trend of plant-based diets at the forefront of 2018, Traina Foods suggests adding dried fruit to spice things up! Any flavor or blended varieties can be added to granola and yogurt, salads and protein-based dishes to add flavor and a nice amount of natural sweetness.


3. Perfectly portable — Many people ditch their diets because they’ve failed to properly plan meals, even “emergency” meals if they get stuck in a meeting or a long softball game for the kids. Dried fruit is a great “on-the-go” snack because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. So packing a portion in a purse, briefcase or backpack can help dieters avoid a last-minute decision to roll through the drive through.


4. Athletes’ choice — Along with the aforementioned high fiber content of dried fruit, all varieties are high in vitamins and nutrients that provide fuel for bikers, hikers and marathon runners. Traina Foods dried fruit is all natural – with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, just simple, delicious fruit!


Regardless of the health or fitness related resolution, Traina Foods dried fruit has a perfect place in every healthy eating lifestyle. With all the varieties available at Traina Foods, there will never be dried fruit boredom either!