Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Candy

Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Candy

Halloween has become synonymous with candy; but with the increased awareness of food allergies and sensitivities — not to mention more emphasis on health through proper nutrition — people are starting to seek other options for filling those trick or treat buckets. In the spirit of celebrating a healthy approach to Halloween, the Traina family shares the following ideas and tips to honor October 31 this year. 


Host a Party — Hosting a Halloween party puts the host in the driver’s seat when it comes to what is served. This is particularly important in the case of those with severe allergies. There can still be lots of delicious treats that are inclusive to those that are gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and so on. In this case, serving a variety of options is ideal so there is “something for everyone.” The great thing about Traina® Home Grown’s all-natural dried fruit is that it is naturally gluten-free and the non-nut fruits are processed via strict procedures to ensure there is no possibility of contamination from peanuts or any tree nut in their products or facility. The company’s products that do contain nuts are packaged in a completely separately facility — a comforting fact for parents with children that have nut allergies!


Offer Non-Edible Treats — Yes, Halloween is all about the candy for some, but trinkets and small gifts can be just as good — and more fun in the long run! Dollar stores, party stores and discount stores are great places to scour for little “treats” that can be offered instead of candy such as pencils and erasers, stickers, bouncy balls, yo-yos, mini paint kits, coloring books/crayons, mini Play-doh containers, plastic rings or fake vampire teeth, sticky hands and more. 


Bake with the Produce of the Season — Getting kids in the kitchen to help make the creations they will later enjoy makes the process that much more fun (and yes, sometimes that much messier!). When baking this October, think apples, pumpkins, pears, sweet potatoes, figs, dates and more. Making the most of these delicious foods in their fresh or dried forms is a great way to incorporate more produce into any meal!


Organize a Scavenger Hunt — A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt is a great way to experience trick or treating but avoid the candy! It’s also the perfect time to go door-to-door because most neighbors are home and expecting children to be popping by throughout the evening. Adults can put together a simple list of non-edible, non-candy items such as:


• Paperclip

• Party napkin

• Balloon

• Safety pin

• Paper plate

• Penny

• Piece of construction paper

• Random item

• Birthday candle

• Ribbon


The list could go on and on but the idea is to keep the kids busy and having fun — and still allow them to enjoy the experience of going knocking on neighbors’ doors but without feeling like they’re coming home empty handed. There should be a multitude of prizes (such as a prize for the child who received the weirdest/funniest “random item”, etc.) so everyone can feel like a winner!


The Traina family sends safe and delicious wishes for a Happy Halloween this year! For more tips and “tricks” for using dried fruit in endless ways, click here!