California Ruby Royal Sun Dried Apricots

California Ruby Royal Sun Dried Apricots Fancy


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    • Our California Ruby Royal Sun Dried Apricots have a sweet-tangy flavor and moist texture with a dark reddish-orange color. Ruby Royals share many of the same flavor characteristics as other apricots thus making them great substitutions in recipes. However, their size and richer color make them a premium product for plating a lovely presentation of the fruit alone.

    • Apricots. Sulfur dioxide added for color retention and as a preservative. May contain pits or pit fragments.

    • We suggest foregoing the standard sugary dessert once in a while and instead surprising your guests with an artfully presented cheese board. With just a bit of planning, it’s an easy no-cook meal. We suggest three different textures of cheeses, along with small piles of our sun dried apricots, figs, and dates; clusters of fresh green grapes; slices of rustic baguette; and your favorite jams or honey - voila!

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Historical home of Traina Family, producer of California sun dried fruit

Our Place In The Sun

Traina Foods produces the world's finest California Sun Dried Fruit.

We serve Manufacturers, Ingredient Companies and Food Service Distributors as well as Retail and E-commerce Customers.

We manage production from the orchards to the end product, to ensure the highest standard of quality:

California at its best with premium sun dried taste.