California Sun Dried Tomatoes




California Sun Dried Tomatoes

Our Sun Dried Tomatoes have a sweet, intense tomato flavor, brilliant red color and moist texture.

California Sun Dried Tomato Halves


California Sun Dried Tomatoes Julienne Cut

Julienne Cut

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    • California, Roma variety, Sun Dried Tomatoes boast naturally sweet, intense flavor with a brilliant red color and moist texture. A perfect ingredient to add to recipes such as sauces, salad, pasta, pizzas, and in stuffing for poultry or beef, or as a perfect addition to an antipasto.

    • Sun Dried Tomatoes. Sulfur dioxide added for color retention and as a preservative. 

    • Antipasto is an Italian appetizer and means “before the meal."  Made up of colorful, delicious, small bites of foods, its visual appeal will entice your guests, and the different food pairings will satisfy the pickiest eater. We suggest artfully adding our Sun Dried Tomatoes, along with a variety of rolled cold cuts, cheeses, marinated olives and other vegetables. Buon Appetito!

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