California Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil

California Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Three Different Styles
Naturally Rich in Lycopene

California Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Now available 3 different styles, in a convenient 8.5-ounce size.  Our California Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil have a delicious, intense tomato flavor and are ready to use.  They're an ingredient that fits most diet plans.  Delicious added to meat, vegetarian and appetizer dishes. Go ahead be creative and have fun reaching your health goals.

California Sun Dried Tomatoes, Halves - Jar - 8.5 oz


California Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil, Julienne Cut - Bottle - 8.5 oz

Julienne Cut

California Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes, Julienne Cut - Jar - 8.5 oz

Organic Julienne Cut

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    • Our Californian grown, naturally Sun Dried Julienne-cut Tomatoes are marinated in Canola and Olive Oil with garlic and our light spice blend.

    • Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Canola Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Spices, Sulfur dioxide (Used in the tomato drying process)

    • Drain the oil from the tomatoes and pat off any excess oil with paper towels before using them.  The flavorful oil can be substituted for other oils and enhance the flavor in your recipes.

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