fruitons™ Single Serving Sun Dried Fruit Snack Bags

Single Serving Sun Dried Fruit Snack Bags

fruitons - Individual Fruit or Variety Cases

NEW! fruitons™  single serving .75 oz bags are perfect for lunches, on-the-go activities, and help you to keep the pantry stocked with nutritious snacks.  

fruitons Sun Dried Apricot, Julienne - 18 x .75oz

fruitons™ Apricots, Julienne

fruitons™ Natural Sun Dried Cherries - 18 x .75oz

fruitons™ Natural Sun Dried Sweet Bing Cherries

fruitons Dried Fruit Mix - 18 x .75oz

fruitons™ Dried Mixed Fruit

fruitons Sour Dusted Cherries - 18 x .75oz

fruitons™ Sour Dusted Cherries

fruitons Sun Dried Fruit - Variety Pack

fruitons™ Sun Dried Fruit - Variety Pack

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    • Select from four different fruit types or  our new variety pack.  Each case contains 18 -.75 oz bags:

      Variety Pack:  Includes, (6) Apr, (6) Dried Fruit Mix, (3) Sour Dust Cherries and (3) Nat Cherries

    • Apricots, Julienne
      Apricots, sulfur dioxide (for color retention during the sun drying process).

      Natural Sweet Bing Cherries
      Natural Bing Cherries

      Dried Mixed Fruit
      Dark Raisins (Grapes), Golden Raisins (Grapes), Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Pears, Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil) Sulfur Dioxide (for color retention during sun drying process). May contain occasional pits or pit fragments.

      Sour Dusted Cherries
      Cherries, Citric Acid, Sugar, sulfur dioxide (for color retention during sun drying process).

      Variety Pack
      Refer to individual fruit case ingredients - see above

    • Work fruitons™ into your meals and snacks, and you'll find that you'll naturally reduce your cravings and stave off hunger while giving your body the nutrients it needs found in fruit.

      • Include fruitons™ at breakfast. Toss into a fruit smoothie or top a bowl of breakfast oatmeal.
      • Add fruitons™ to lunch and dinner meals. Toss into green or whole grain salads.
      • Be fruitons™ prepared.  Stress can happen anywhere, at any time so keep fruitons in your book bag, purse, desk drawer, or car and you'll have a healthy snack on hand when you feel hungry.
      • Keep fruitons™ visible in the pantry or, on the kitchen counter. Fill a large mason jar with the perfectly portioned fruitons snack bags and you'll be able to keep your cravings in check.
      • Instead of watching TV, grab a bag of fruitons for dessert and go outside for an end of day walk.
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