Gourmet Organic Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup

Organic Classic Ketchup - Bottle - 16 oz


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    • Tomato Concentrate* (tomato paste*,water), Sun Dried Tomato puree* (Sun Dried Tomatoes*, water), Cane Sugar*, White Distilled Vinegar*, Salt, Onion Powder*, Garlic Powder*, Sun Dried Powder*, Spices*

      * Organic Ingredients


      • No Artificial Colors
      • Vegan
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Historical home of Traina Family, producer of California sun dried fruit

Slower Is Better

At Traina Home Grown, most of our products rely on one age-old ingredient: the sun. We use techniques that have been perfected over centuries; we let the sun do its work, drying vine and tree-ripened fruit on wooden trays, waiting patiently as it naturally enhances the flavor and nutrients. The quality of honest to goodness sun dried fruit is unsurpassed.

The sun is also our energy resource. We are one of the most sustainable and energy efficient companies in the world; mixing old world traditions with modern technology to provide food that celebrates taste, health and a better world for future generations.

When you take the time to make the best products, you realize that often Slower is Better. It’s more than producing good food; it’s also a lifestyle choice we like to embrace.