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Natural Dried Apple Rings

Our Natural Dried Apple Rings are imported product made from cored and peeled apples that have been dehydrated. They have a sweet flavor, light ocher color and are soft and chewy.

Natural Dried Apple Rings

Natural Dried Apple Rings Rings


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    • Natural Dried Apple Rings are an imported product, dehydrated product.  Made from cored and peeled apples they have a sweet flavor and caramel coloring.  Perfect for snacking. Dried apples are delicious when added to cookies, muffins and cakes recipes.  Also as a flavorful addition to granolas, trail mixes, and stuffing.

    • Dried Apple.

    • Yummy crisp apple chips are easy to make. Arrange the apple rings on a metal baking sheet, lightly dust with apple pie spice; bake in a 225-degree oven until the edges curl.  You can flip the apple rings and repeat for the other side; allow to cool before eating.

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