Organic California Sun Dried Cranberries
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    • Our Organic Domestic Dried Sweetened Cranberries have a sweet, tart flavor with a red color. An excellent choice for baking and as an ingredient in signature granolas, trail mixes, and stuffing. 

    • Organic Cranberries, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar or Organic Sugar Solution, Organic Sunflower Oil

    • Move over nuts!  It’s time for something a little different.  Arrange 1 C of frozen shelled edamame on a cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil and season with salt.  Roast for 20 minutes until crisp and golden.  Let cool.  Toss with ¼ C of our organic cranberries. Pack in small glass canning jar and throw into your bag for a sensible snack.

    • Tracy O.
      Sep 11, 2019
      Tastes exactly the same as regular dried cranberries.

      I'm obsessed with these reduced sugar cranberries. I really enjoy putting cranberries in my salad. This product is a good option if you’re watching your sugar intake but still want the same taste of regular dried cranberries. You don’t get as many in a package as regular dried cranberries.

      Jasmine K.
      Sep 15, 2019
      I'm a fan!

      I enjoy dried cranberries on cereal, in baked goods, in trail mix, you name it! I really like that these are much lower in sugar than most dried cranberries. I'm ok with my cranberries being a little tart! This bag is a good value for the size. The cranberries are soft and not too chewy. Thumbs up!

      Amy S.
      Nov 25, 2019
      The BEST!

      These were JUST as delicious as the regular Ocean Spray Craisins - with LESS calories! Plump and yummy! I tried the Member's Mark brand and they were terrible... Really dried up, tough little unidentifiable curled up pieces of cranberries. I learned my lesson and will stick with the professionals... Ocean Spray for me!

      Rob G.
      Dec 28, 2019
      Cranberries - Wonderful and so much more

      Dried cranberries are a great method for me to use in cooking, veggie salads, chicken salads, and let’s not forget cranberry orange cram cheese cupcakes, and cakes. I use cranberries in some recipes that call for sweet dates. Cranberries very diversified.

      Ed B.
      Jan 4, 2020
      A really good fun snack

      These are a great way to get your fruit in for the day if you’re not a big fruit eater dried cranberries are really fun and easy to eat other than making your hands really sticky they are a really good snack

      Don N.
      Jan 11, 2020
      Amazing Flavor!

      We love the whole cranberries! So much flavor!

      Jill K.
      Feb 20, 2020

      Perfectly dried but still juicy with just the right amount of sweet.

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Historical home of Traina Family, producer of California sun dried fruit

Our Place In The Sun

Traina Foods produces the world's finest California Sun Dried Fruit.

We serve Manufacturers, Ingredient Companies and Food Service Distributors as well as Retail and E-commerce Customers.

We manage production from the orchards to the end product, to ensure the highest standard of quality:

California at its best with premium sun dried taste.