Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce

Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce

Authentically Californian,
Made with Real Fruit from the Source.

Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce

Gourmet made easy - whether you’re grilling, roasting, slow-cooking or simply like to dip our Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce offers a tart-sweet flavor balanced with a savory blend of tomatoes and herbs.  It is a perfect marinade, basting sauce or condiment for beef, chicken, pork, fish, tofu and vegetable dishes.

Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce - Bottle - 17 oz


Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce - Case - 6pk - 102 oz


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    • Our Sun-Dried Plum BBQ Sauce is a healthy choice made with no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), it is kosher and gluten-free. Our recipe uses tomatoes and tree-riped plums from our family farm in California. Delicious when grilling, roasting, slow-cooking or can be used as a dipping sauce for beef, pork, chicken, fish, tofu or vegetables.

    • Tomato concentrate (tomato paste water), brown sugar, salt, apple cider vinegar, white distilled vinegar, molasses, sun dried plum puree (sun dried plums, water), paprika, garlic, onion, spices and natural flavors

    • Apply 2-3 light coats of the Plum BBQ sauce to pork ribs until you finish cooking. Plate additional BBQ Sauce as a dipping side condiment.

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