Product Questions


Where do you grow and sun dry your fruit?

We’re located in Patterson, California which is located in the heart of the famed San Joaquin Valley – one of the most productive growing environments in the United States.


What about sulfites?

SO2 is used as a preservative to inhibit microbial growth and retain product color in some dried fruit products as well as many other food products, medications, and beverages.


Are there different types of Dried Fruit?

Yes. Dried Fruit is an "umbrella" term to describe fruit that has been processed to a low moisture level. Dried fruit can be Is in several different ways to remove the moisture: sun drying, freeze drying, flash drying and dehydrating are examples.


Sun Dried Fruit - Traina Process

The best of the harvest is washed, cut, sorted, pre-treated and placed on Redwood trays to dry slowly, naturally under the California sun.


Are your Sun Dried Fruit products gluten free?

All of our Sun Dried Fruits are naturally gluten free.


Is there much sodium in your products?

Please refer to the product ingredient tab located on each product page.


Does your Sun Dried Fruit contain tree nuts?

We use strict procedures at our plants to ensure that there is no possibility of contamination from peanuts or any tree nut in our Sun Dried Fruit products or our facility.  All of our Sun Dried Fruit goes through a water washing process before it is processed. We have a very thorough cleaning and sanitizing process that happens in our facility between shifts and between products. Most importantly, however, our facility is used exclusively for packaging our Sun Dried Fruit.

Our products that contain nuts, which includes our Dried Fruit Blends and Gift Boxes are packaged in separate facilities that also process other types of peanut and tree nuts.


How should I store the fruit?

Short-Term Transit Storage: It is recommended to keep the product in a cool and dry environment (around 40-70°F).

Long-Term Storage: We recommend refrigeration.  Maintain humidity levels below or equal to 65% and temperatures at or below 45°F.


How should I handle the fruit once I open the package?

Refold the inner plastic bag to preserve moisture, and keep the Dried Fruit refrigerated. Dried Fruit will darken when exposed to heat, including kitchen temperatures.


Do I need to do anything to Sun Dried Fruit before I use it?

Our Sun Dried Fruit is ready to eat or use right from the bag; however, when cooking or baking with Sun Dried & Dried Fruit consider your recipe preparation and adjust liquids accordingly. If using Dried Fruit in a wet recipe like sauces or dressing, no hydration is necessary before adding the Dried Fruit, but remember Dried Fruit will draw moisture away from the sauce. Visit our recipe pages for tips on using sun dried fruit in recipes.