Creative Ways to Use California Sun Dried Tomatoes

4 easy ways to use sun dried tomatoes; get creative with this tasty topper

This quick recipe video shows four easy and creative ways to use wholesome California-grown sun dried tomatoes.


Kick the tomato goodness up a notch with this tasty topper for pizza

Create pizza perfection with a one-two punch of rich tomato flavor. Layer tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, and sun dried tomatoes. Season it up with red pepper flakes, oregano or your own favorite mix of fresh or dried Italian seasonings. Bake and reap your reward of ooey gooey goodness with the uniquely tart and sweet bite of California sun dried tomatoes.


Sun dried tomatoes and Mac-N-Cheese? Why Not?

Sprinkle on sun dried tomatoes for Masterful Mac-N-Cheese. Bake and top with fresh green chives for a tasty and colorful dish that’s sure to comfort.


Get max flavor on your baked potato with this topper brought to you by the Californa sun

Top a baked potato with sun dried tomatoes for an untraditional twist and maximum flavor. Cool sour cream, verdant chives and the toothsome, concentrated bite of California sun dried tomatoes make the perfect trio.


Wake up your taste buds by adding sun dried tomatoes to an old standby

Give your standby three-egg omelette the je ne sais quoi it’s been craving by folding in distinctively rich sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and green onions. Your taste buds will say, “Ohh La-La!”

What other standby dishes can you make special with the unexpected texture and flavor of California sun dried tomatoes?

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Pizza topped with sun dried tomatoesMac-N-Cheese with Sun Dried Tomatoes Omelette with Sun Dried Tomatoes