California Sun Dried Fruit & Cheese Appetizer

California Sun Dried Fruit & Cheese Appetizer

The doorbell rings and you now have unexpected guests. What are you going to do? No worries. Traina’s got this. Just watch this short recipe video and see how easy it is to put together a sun dried fruit and cheese appetizer featuring the best seasonal fruits.

Start by selecting a variety of cheeses like aged, firm, soft, crumbly or creamy. Brie is always a great go-to creamy style cheese and makes for a solid anchor to your appetizer. To complement its flavors add sun dried pears, strawberries, and blueberries.

A nice aged cheddar or gouda is another guest favorite and goes well with sun dried tomatoes. Like spicy foods? Add some heat with a pepper jack or jalapeno cheese selection.

To finish your presentation, sprinkle some mix nuts and serve with a dipping sauce of your choice. And just like that, you have a quick and easy appetizer that any unexpected guest will enjoy.

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