California Sun Dried Tomatoes - Add Flavor to Your Favorite Summer Recipes

California Sun Dried Tomatoes - 
Add Flavor to Your Favorite Summer Recipes


California Sun Dried Tomatoes

The perfect summer accouterment

Our California Sun Dried Tomatoes will liven up a potluck pasta salad or Greek green salad, to top a baked potato for a meatless Monday meal or to add to homemade pizza for an upgraded flavor beyond traditional cheese or pepperoni. Take summer cooking to a whole new level with the rich taste of Traina Foods Sun Dried Tomatoes. Check out some easy and delicious ways to add a new element of flavor to some of summer’s favorite foods!


For an easy summer side dish that requires little effort, but still looks and tastes amazing, Train Foods’ Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Baked Potato is actually filling enough to play the role of the main dish. With just four ingredients, getting this cheesy-gooey taste of heaven to the table without at least sneaking a little nibble is no small feat! For a hungry man’s dinner, serve with a nice juicy steak or for a lighter meal, add a nice crisp salad on the side.



Homemade bread doesn’t have to be boring — add some Old World flavors and flair this fresh-out-of-the-oven Mediterranean Savory Loaf with Sun Dried Tomatoes. Served with chicken kabobs or sliced for grilled vegetable sandwiches, this tasty bread will be gone before it ever has a chance to get stale.


Traina Foods’ Sun Dried Tomato Bread Crumb Crunch gives this Vegetable Soup an unexpected bite! But soup in the summer? When the bowl’s filled with this delicious fresh vegetable medley, there’s no denying soup can be a perfectly light meal for summer sipping.



A bread and cheese board featuring Eggplant Relish with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Golden Raisins serves as a tempting appetizer or a main meal. Serve with a glass of vino, and you’ll be transported instantly to an Italian vacation. 


Whether cooking up a main meal, side, salad or appetizer, Traina Foods’ Sun Dried Tomatoes can easily take any dish to the next level. Get creative in the kitchen and find out your favorite way to incorporate Traina Foods’ Sun Dried Tomatoes into your meals.