Creative Ways to Use Dried Fruits in Place of Fresh

Creative Ways to Use Dried Fruits in Place of Fresh

Some nutrition experts may tout the benefits of always selecting fresh versions of produce. However, when it comes to all natural dried fruit, with no added sugars or other ingredients, it can be an ideal way to enjoy favorite fruits when they’re not in season. 

Traina Foods produce is selected at its peak and dried naturally using only the power of the California sun — so when finished it provides the very best flavor of in-season fruit. So when fresh out-of-season fruit is hard to come by, Traina Foods dried fruits are a great option. With a little creativity, dried fruit can be used in cooking, baking and easy to-go meals such as:

  • Smoothies — A great choice for those healthy eaters seeing their New Year’s resolutions through and for those on-the-go busy bees, smoothies can be loaded with all kinds of ingredients to the maker’s choice. Dried fruit can be incorporated to give smoothies a thicker texture, or it can be rehydrated prior with a little soak in some water or fruit juice to regain some of its original texture when fresh.


  • Sauces — Speaking of rehydrating, this process can give dried fruit a whole new purpose! By regaining its juiciness to lend itself as a flavorful punch in sauces, jams and more. Oftentimes, if the recipe calls for additional liquids, the rehydration step can be skipped all together. Apricots are a particularly popular dried fruit to turn into sauces, glazes, drips and more. Traina Foods Sun Dried Apricot Topping paired with polenta crostini makes a delicious snack or appetizer. For an Asian-inspired dipping sauce, try Traina Foods Hot and Sweet Apricot Dipping Sauce, and Traina Foods Roast Chicken with Sun Dried Apricot Sauce is an elegant dish for any dinner party. 


  • Baked Goods — From blueberries to sun dried tomatoes, dried fruit are so easily swapped out in baked goods recipes that call for fresh fruit varieties. Traina Foods Bran Cranberry Muffins are a delicious way to prepare a quick and easy grab-and-go breakfast or lunch, and they are healthy to boot! With both dried cranberries and dried cherries, they are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, too. For a savory bread to serve with soups on a chilly day, Traina Foods’ Mediterranean Savory Loaf with Sun Dried Tomatoes is hearty and delicious. 

There are countless ways to incorporate dried fruits into any meal! Traina Foods encourages home cooks and chefs alike to play around with various ways to swap out fresh fruit in favor of dried fruits in any meal! For inspiration, visit