Ideas for a Plant-Forward Thanksgiving Feast

Ideas for a Plant-Forward Thanksgiving Feast

As people are taking their own health into their hands by way of proper nutrition and becoming more aware of foods that cause adverse reactions, they are turning to plant-based diets. Even when it comes holidays such as Thanksgiving that are centered around meat or poultry including the main event — turkey — there are many ways to incorporate plant-forward foods into the feast as well! While enjoying a classic Thanksgiving feast with all the traditional fixin’s, the Traina Food family suggests ways to add to the meal with some plant-forward dishes for vegans, vegetarians, and everyone to enjoy!

Meatless Mains — While not taking the spotlight from turkey, there are other “meatless” dishes that can serve as the main event, too. Portobello mushrooms have a meaty, hearty texture that can be used in a variety if ways — as burgers, “buns” and even sliced like a cut of beef tenderloin. Served with mashed potatoes and gravy, these mushrooms will satisfy even the most devout meat-eater. Other vegetables and fall root veggies and tubers including butternut or acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and parsnips are all delicious when roasted with just a bit of olive oil and seasonings of choice. With cauliflower serving as a replacement for everything from pizza “crust” to “wings to “steak” (it’s worth a Google), it can even serve as a main dish on Thanksgiving Day in a number of delicious ways.

Classic Casseroles — Thanksgiving tables are often adorned with comforting casseroles such as stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and more. But these are traditionally either high in fat, dairy or other ingredients that can be difficult for a person with food sensitivities and/or allergies or allergies. The good news is that for nearly every hearty Thanksgiving classic casserole, there is an alternate version that omits dairy, gluten, or other allergens while remaining oh no delicious. A quick search on Pinterest will result in countless recipes for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Keepin’ it Real — The easiest approach to a plant-forward and whole-food diet is by choosing foods in their most natural state. When starting out on a plant-forward, whole food path, it may be easier to avoid casseroles that combine a lot of ingredients and instead opt for simple recipes with just a few whole ingredients. This ensure that there is little cross-contamination or confusion on what to omit. For example, a killer cranberry sauce — a highlight at most Thanksgiving feasts — can be homemade with little more than fresh or dried cranberries, seasonings and fresh juice. 

Regardless of what is placed on the Thanksgiving table, this holiday is about coming together with loved ones, friends and neighborhoods to celebrate the bounty of the harvest. The Traina Foods family sends the very best for a Happy Thanksgiving to all!