New Trend Report Shows Plant-Forward Lifestyle is on the Rise

New Trend Report Shows Plant-Forward Lifestyle is on the Rise

According to a new report released by Nestle Professional, the new trend of “plant-forward” consumers is growing. Whether referred to as “veggie-centric,” flexitarian or plant-forward, Americans are making decisions to eat less meat and adding healthier options including produce, grains and plant proteins.

The report reveals statistics from Datassential including 22 percent of consumers limit their meat and/or poultry consumption that include health but also for variety and sustainability. And 59 of consumers eat “meatless meals at least once a week.” Other numbers reported reveal that 16 percent of consumers are eating more vegetarian/vegan menu items and 41 percent are eating more vegetables than one year ago. This new trend doesn’t necessarily mean consumers should give up meat — it’s more of a rebalance from the role of meat as the main event to shifting that focus and replacing some meat with plant-based foods and plant proteins.

Traina Foods all natural sun dried fruits are an ideal way to liven up a plant-forward menu from breakfast through dinner — even snacks and sweets too. Instead of a morning meal filled with eggs, sausage and bacon, Traina Foods suggests easy overnight oats or yogurt sprinkled with dried fruit bits. Traina Foods No Bake Sun Dried Fruit Energy Balls or Cranberry Bran Muffins are a great way to kick start the day, pop for a snack or enjoy as a sweet treat before bed.

For the midday meal, sandwiches stuffed with ham or turkey can be swapped for salads with savory nuts, seeds with a hint of sweet flavor provided by dried fruits. Plant-based menus don’t have to be all “rabbit food,” however. Traina Foods Sun Dried Tomato-Stuffed Baked Potato is a hearty meatless option; while those that still crave a traditional burger may find they’ll never miss the meat in Traina Foods Sriracha Veggie Burgers

For dinner, a delicious and easy Caprese Pasta Salad can be healthy and filling. Complemented by Traina Foods Polenta Crostini with Sun Dried Apricot Topping as an appetizer, and this is a wholesome and nutritious meal, sans meat!

When it comes to experimenting with a plant-forward lifestyle, adding bold flavors (versus salt and fat) can ensure that each bite is satisfying and delicious, but also healthy. For more plant-based appetizers and meal ideas, visit