Dried Fruit Adds Natural Sweetness to Savory Dishes

Shakeable Sun Dried Fruit Add Natural Sweetness to Savory Dishes

Ready to be inspired? This quick video will demonstrate how you can add dimension, flavor, and nutrition in mere seconds with a sensational dried fruit topping from Traina Foods in California. All-American Blend Fruitons® is a naturally sweet mix of real dried fruit, including peaches, cranberries, grapes, apples, blueberries.

Fruitons® makes it easy to add delicious real fruit to your life, whether you’re striving for a more plant-forward lifestyle or just want to elevate the flavor of your meal. Simply shake on Fruitons® for a new twist and added nutrition, too.
A great addition to salads, oatmeal, yogurt, rice, and more, Fruitons® is also a tasty and sweet snack on its own.

This video highlights one of our favorite uses, the sweet addition of fruit in otherwise savory dishes.

Try Fruitons® sautéed with escarole and nuts.

Elevate that juicy pork chop by topping it with five nutritious dried fruits, all conveniently mixed and packed in one bag.

Add a new twist to your wedge salad by balancing the pungent onion and salty bacon with the naturally- sweet All-American Blend Fruitons®.

Whatever the combination, Traina’s Fruitons®, featuring California sun dried fruit will make it special with unexpected texture and flavor.