Sneaking More Time for Health into Every Day

Sneaking More Time for Health into Every Day

With the New Year, many people are refocused on the health — through nutrition and fitness. However, it takes dedication and time to see these goals through. The latter of which maybe people in today’s busy world don’t have a lot to spare. However, Traina® Home Grown offers some easy ways to sneak more time into each day in the name of health in 2020!


Wake up 15 Minutes Earlier — When making any resolution, small steps can sometimes be more long-lasting than those big, giant ones. When it comes to building a little more time into each morning to get a few things done before the morning hustle, set that alarm just 15 minutes earlier at a time. After the first week, add another 15 minutes and so on. After just one month, a whole hour will be added to each day. While 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, it allows people to easily adjust their daily routine and soon will have an entire hour in which to prepare a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch for one’s self, get a workout in before heading off to work or simply enjoy a cup of tea and some selfcare prior to  starting the day.


Meal Prep — Meal prepping is the idea of preparing most of the family’s meals on one day of the week so that they are already assembled to shave off time when preparing each meal. This is a very effective time-saver. Preparing overnight oats for ready-made morning meals; making lunches the night before so they are ready to “grab and go in the morning;” washing, chopping and preparing fresh produce so it’s ready to snack on or toss into a crock pot or casserole throughout the week are all great ways to use time effectively to save more of it! Crock pot cooking, veggie-centric casseroles and methods like using an air-fryer are also great ways to save time making meals.   


Take a Shortcut — Or two or three… For those that are always looking for more time in their, looking into “shortcuts” is another easy way to build in time. For example, being organized, doubling up on errands or using time-savers in the kitchen are all great ways to sneak more time into each day that one can dedicate to health. Sometimes this can be as simple as tossing a bag of dried fruits and nuts into a gym bag to grab a snack along the way. 


For those on the “New Year, New You” track in 2020, taking stock of how their time is used each day can help them determine if there are ways they can decrease time spent on “time suckers” like watching television or scrolling social media” and increase time dedicated to their health and wellness goals.