Sun Dried Tomatoes Turns Everyday into Gourmet

A Sprinkle of Perfectly Seasoned Sun Dried Tomatoes Turns Everyday into Gourmet

Got a minute? Then take a break here our channel to learn how perfectly seasoned tomatoes can elevate everyday meals in seconds thanks to Traina Food’s savory Fruitons®​. Yes, tomatoes are a delicious, savory, and healthy fruit, especially when they’re dried in the California sun.

Rich in Lycopene, loaded with concentrated tomato flavor and seasoned with Italian herbs, savory sun dried tomato Fruitons® can easily be tossed with salads or added to rice, pizza, eggs, dips, and other entrees.

  • Mix savory Fruitons® with sautéed red peppers for a gourmet pasta dish.
  • Give your burger a punch of flavor and nutrition with sun dried tomato Fruitons®

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