Traina Foods fruitons® Liven Up Lunchtime

Traina Foods fruitons<sup>®</sup> Liven Up Lunchtime

Mid-days meals can really start to become mundane — another sandwich? Soup? Salad again? But that doesn’t have to be the case! Enter Traina Foods fruitons® delicious bite-sized real dried fruit pieces that will provide a totally new spin on classic dishes, adding more flavor and plant-based foods to any noontime dish. Traina Foods offers a few quick and easy ideas for kitchen inspiration:

• Bruschetta and crostini – toasted bread topped with creamy brie, spicy arugula and sprinkled with savory Sun Dried Tomato fruitons® or Sweet Mixed Fruit fruitons® takes ordinary crostini to the next level. Both are amazing and add flavor, artisan flair, and more nutrients. Goodbye food rut, hello lunchtime extravaganza. 

• For fruit salad lovers, the more sweet fruit the better! Adding fruitons® dried fruit to a bowl of fresh fruit packs a powerhouse of flavors as well as multiple textures for a unique spin on ordinary fruit salad. Americans rarely get enough fruit in their diet, so this is a sure-fire way to meet the daily required fruit intake.

• Upgrade the classic salad with a kale and shaved Brussels sprouts medley featuring citrus vinaigrette, goat or feta cheese, and then pour on the apples, blueberries, peaches, grapes and cranberries — all from one bag of fruitons®. Combining savory and sweet also provides daily vegetable and fruit intake as well all in one bowl!

• Roll with a whole new take on the sandwich by adding fruitons® to traditional chicken salad, and serving on a soft and buttery croissant roll. 

Being a plant-forward thinker (and eater!) is easy by adding Traina Foods fruitons® to every meal!