Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

The cold weather has many people cuddling up and staying indoors. However, winter is a great time to keep active, especially during the holidays (otherwise known as the season of eating!). The Traina family offers some great ways to stay active during the cold weather months.


Take Advantage of the Weather — Winter allows for great snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating, just to name a few. While these are often viewed as entertainment or activities, they are great ways to keep the body moving and in shape this winter. These are also great social activities to do with friends and family over the holidays. 


Hiking — For those that are not in snowy weather climates, the winter weather makes for some amazing hiking weather. Do some research on local hikes and always be careful hiking after heavy rains, as washes could be filled or the water could have loosened rocks. Biking is another great winter weather activity for areas that aren’t inundated with snow and rain. 


Indoor Rock Climbing — When the weather simply does not allow for outdoor activity, check out an indoor rock climbing park for a thrilling adventure — and a great workout! 


Take a Class — From yoga to barre to high intensity power sessions, there is a workout class for everyone! When looking for an indoor exercise, check out some nearby boutique gyms that offer specialized classes. Or look into a membership that allows the user to try a variety of different classes at various locations to keep the exercises interesting!


Stay Home — Between YouTube videos, online streaming programs, workout DVDs, and in-home workout equipment, one need not even leave the house this winter to get in a good sweat session! For those that prefer to exercise in the comfort of their own homes, while also avoiding inclement winter weather, there is an endless array of options.


When heading out for a workout, it’s important to fuel the body before and after – sometimes even between if the workout continues for an extended period of time. Pack a bag with water and some snacks, such as Traina® Home Grown dried fruit as well as an extra layer or too incase unexpected weather rolls in.