Winter Dried Fruit Recipe Ideas

Winter Recipes with Dried Fruit

Eating a diet rich in is a great way to stay focused on a healthy “you” in the New Year. And Traina Home Grown dried fruit is an easy and delicious addition to a variety of foods to add flavor, change the taste and alter the texture.


Seasonal Salads — Salads are all about crunchy greens in the summer time. But seasonal salads in the winter can be so much more complex. Farro, quinoa, sweet potatoes, wheat berry and all kinds of ancient grains and pastas make great bases for winter salads. Add cheese, nuts, some dried fruit and voila — a delicious and hearty salad perfect for serving at lunch or dinner. 


Roasted Vegetables — A variety of vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, brussels sprouts, butternut squash and more are given a completely new flavor and texture when roasted. Simply drizzling chopped vegetables with oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then roasting on a sheet pan for 30 to 45 minutes at 400 degrees F will turn plain veggies into a showstopper side dish. Crank it up another notch by sprinkling the roasted veggies with chopped dried fruit, such as Traina® Home Grown’s fruitons, before serving.


Sweet Corn Fritters — A classic southern staple, sweet corn fritters can be “winterized” by using dried cranberries or dates, chopped nuts and seasonings like fennel seeds, cumin, and turmeric.


Rice Dishes — Move over white rice! There are so many varieties of rice that offer more nutritional value (such as more fiber) than the white version and are ideal bases for hearty winter side dishes packed with nuts, seasonal vegetables and more.


Dried Fruit Crumble Bars — Instead of snacking on store-bought cookies or pastries, homemade crumble bars made with dried fruit instead of sugary jam can be a great substitute. Whole wheat pastry flour can be used for a healthy choice that maintains the integrity of a soft and chewy crust.


A variety of winter dishes can be easily jazzed up with dried fruit. Whether serving up a side dish or a sweet treat, consider how adding dried fruit can change up an otherwise ordinary meal.