Wisdom from the Sun Dried Life

Wisdom from the Sun Dried Life

Wisdom from the Sun Dried Life

As the human race advances, we’ve grown increasingly fixated on speed. Fast cars. Fast food. First to market. Moore’s Law. Little by little we’ve lost touch with the Value of Slow.  The fact is, some things can only get better with time.

That wisdom comes naturally when you work in the sun dried fruit business. At Traina Foods, our sun drying process moves no faster than it did 100 years ago when our grandparents started the company. They understood that you couldn’t rush the sun. Slowly and purposefully we dry fruit on wooden trays, using only the sun and ignoring the short cuts. It’s the only way to capture an incredible, unprecedented flavor, and the best way to maintain nutrients.

At Traina, we process more fruit with less energy than nearly any other manufacturer. Our partner is the sun in the fields and our solar powered packaging facility.

Even as we’ve evolved into a modern global supplier, we embrace family tradition and the wisdom of our ancestors. Sometimes slower is better. Not only in the methods for sun drying fruit, but as a way to savor life.

As the human race advances let’s not forget to savor the taste of simply good food and gain the wisdom that comes through taking time.  Wisdom can be found in the most unusual places.

With the holidays almost upon us, people will be looking for a way to slow down.


- The Traina Family