California Medjool Dates - Whole

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    • California Mejool Dates are a naturally sun-dried product. Ready to use, appetizer quality, a large date approximately 3” long, with a very dark, almost black color and wrinkled appearance. An excellent ingredient for desserts or as a snack.

    • Medjool Dates

    • Delicious stuffed with savory fillings with nuts or spices.

    • Jennifer C.
      May 4, 2019
      Love them

      Delicious loved them will buy again thank you

      Kevin R.
      Jun 1, 2019
      The best to be found!

      I've never found any dates that surpass Medjools. These are large, moist, and very flavorful. I enjoy using them in cooking and baking. They are also very good in my smoothies. And as a quick snack right out of the box!
      Anyone who loves dates will be pleased with these.

      Kelly L.
      Jun 18, 2019
      Crunchy and sweet

      Crunchy and Sweet. Good value for quality and
      consistency. Other than that..if you love dates ...
      You will enjoy these. However, I do prefer the more
      expensive Medjool dates .. but these are fine for
      every day with the same nutrients.

      Cale N.
      Oct 14, 2019
      Presentable snack

      Nice packing, good for giving it as a presentable snack at some work event.
      No harm to taste.

      Agatha S.
      Nov 25, 2019
      Tasty and useful

      they are perfect - and a great price - for things like date bars or almond milk.

      Michal M.
      Jan 5, 2020
      Yummy Dates

      These dates are so-o-o delicious, fresh, and yummy. I put a few (6-8) in a a small bowl, rinse them, and warm them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I then roll them in pumpkin seeds or nuts to make a super healthy snack, or just eat them straight. If you like dates, you will love these.

      Linda R.
      Feb 2, 2020

      These are the Medjool Dates to buy. Plump, fresh, delicious. And, they are Organic too! What's not to love. I will order more. So healthy for you as well. A wonderful product from a great company. Keep up the good work.

      Deb A.
      Mar 21, 2020
      Juicy, delicious dates delivered quickly!

      I have purchased this product several times. These dates are great to snack on or to bake my favorite date-nut bread and date-cookies with. They are clean (never sandy like some other brands), sweet, large and fresh. I also place 5 or 6 in a decorative jar, wrap it with nice paper and place it in a small basket with mixed nuts, seasonal fruit and a small bottle of Israeli wine. This makes a great gift! They are very rich in potassium and vitamin C. Quite healthy! I plan to purchase more in the future!

      Sebastien S.
      Apr 11, 2020
      Dates were sweet and delicious.

      The Medjool Dates were extremely delicious, i just could not stop eating them . After a couple of days of bringing myself, i set a limit of 3 dates a day so it would last. I went thru 2 pounds in a week. I decided to subscribe 2 lbs every other month, last week i ordered another 2 lbs.. great product.

      Hector G.
      Apr 25, 2020
      Delicious and VERY fresh

      My daughter loves eating these as a snack. I have to limit her to 1 or 2 or she’ll eat the whole bag. They are natures candy for sure! I also like making granola bars using these dates and tamarind as a base. Huge hit with the kiddos!

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