California Sun Dried Tomatoes - Julienne
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Our Sun Dried Tomatoes have a sweet, intense tomato flavor, brilliant red color and moist texture.

Our Sun Dried Tomatoes have a sweet, intense tomato flavor, brilliant red color and moist texture.

    • California, Roma variety, Sun Dried Tomatoes boast naturally sweet, intense flavor with a brilliant red color and moist texture. A perfect ingredient to add to recipes such as sauces, salad, pasta, pizzas, and in stuffing for poultry or beef, or as a perfect addition to an antipasto.

    • Sun Dried Tomatoes. Sulfur dioxide added for color retention and as a preservative. 

    • Take your pizza to the next flavor level by adding our California Sun Dried Tomatoes, Julienne Cut.  We recommend reconstituting in warm liquid before adding to pizza.

    • Jeff C.
      Jan 22, 2020
      Great product!!

      Love adding these to salads or pastas. I like that they're already cut into thin strips so I don't have to cut them myself.

      Feb 11, 2020
      So Delicious!!

      These Julienne dried tomatoes are the best. They are sooo delicious and not too salty. I bought only one pound to try it. But I am going to order about five next week.

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