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With over three generations of experience, Traina Foods is the leading supplier of California Sun Dried Tomatoes, Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Sweet Cherries, Pears, Angelino Plums as well as Blueberries and Strawberries. We harness the natural power of the sun to dry our fresh fruit. It’s not only the best way to ensure premium flavor; it’s the most efficient energy source in the world.


We mention the California sun a lot because there is no substitute for its warmth and consistency. There aren’t any shortcuts, either. Whereas much of the dried fruit on the market today is dried under intense, artificial heat, robbing the fruit of its natural flavor and nutrition. Our natural sun drying process takes considerably longer, but that’s the difference that defines Traina Foods California Sun Dried Fruit.



Our Process

Our California Sun Dried Fruit products start with carefully selected naturally ripened fruits and tomatoes grown in California's San Joaquin Valley. The fruit and tomatoes are sorted and deposited into shipping containers. They are then taken to a grading station where they are weighed and independently inspected by the State of California. Upon passing grade, they are delivered to Traina Foods' state-of-the-art processing facility. The products are released from the containers into stainless steel washers. They are then washed and travel up a mechanical belt where they are sorted by an electronic color sorter that rejects unripe, light colored, scarred and molded fruit and tomatoes. Only the finest raw fruits and tomatoes make it to the cutting process. 



The fruit or tomatoes are then mechanically cut in half with stainless steel cutting mechanisms and placed on Redwood trays. The trays travel along a belt where line sorters remove extraneous material and turn the product upright. The trays are stacked and placed in sulfur rooms where the product is cured (much like a smokehouse). Traina also provides organic and natural sun dried products without sulfites. The next morning, the trays are moved to dry the fruit naturally under the California sun.  Our sorters inspect the trays to ensure the fruit is clean and facing upright. When the fruit is dry, the trays are taken to the product removal area where the product is removed from the trays and deposited onto poly-lined corrugated bins, weighed, labeled and taken to cold storage.



Our Sun Dried Fruit and Sun Dried Tomatoes undergo random microbiological testing. As orders are received, the bins are removed from cold storage and the product is processed. The product is cut according to specification and taken to the packing line. The bins of fruit or tomatoes are slowly emptied onto an elevator that deposits them onto the packing line. The product passes through a metal detector, an x-ray machine, and is manually sorted while passing through two magnetic sensing devices. Lot samples are taken during packing. Finally, the product drops into cases is weighed, coded and labeled, and is ready for delivery.  The result is a brilliant colored, intensely natural flavored Sun Dried Fruit.