Trail mix with dried apples perfect for fall hikes

As autumn approaches, there is nothing like hiking among the falling leaves, the crisp cool air, and, of course, bringing along a perfect trail snack! Traina Foods all natural sun dried fruits are the perfect trail accompaniment — portable, healthy, and protein-packed! Check out this "Top 10" list from Traina Foods that's sure to be a hit with hikers.

Hit the Trail with Traina Foods Trail Mix Ideas

#01.  Fall Spice: Combine toasted pecans, granola, Traina Foods’ dried apples (chopped), roasted pumpkin seeds, and a dash of cinnamon and sugar or pumpkin pie spice to taste.

#02.  Salty N’ Spicy: Sprinkle almonds with a dash or cayenne pepper and roast until you can smell their toasty aroma. Remove and cool, then combine with sunflower seeds, Traina Foods three cherry blend.

#03.  Tropical Fun: Add a few white chocolate or Greek yogurt chips, macadamia nuts, some coconut flakes to Traina Foods’ tropical trail mix for a sweet taste of the tropics while blazing the trail.

#04.   Christmas in Autumn: For a taste of the winter holidays, combine white chocolate chips, Traina Foods’ dried cranberries, walnuts and a dash of sage or ground cloves.

#05.  Black, White and Red All Over: Toss dark chocolate covered peanuts, Greek yogurt chips with Traina Foods dried cranberries.

#06.  Asian Flair: Mix up some healthy cereal squares, crunchy chow main noodles, wasabi peas, sesame seeds and natural sun dried pears (chopped).

#07.   Coffee Buzz: Toss together a few dark chocolate covered espresso beans, with Traina Foods dried cherries, and hazelnuts.

#08.  Don’t Be Blue: Combine Traina Foods dried blueberries with Greek yogurt chips, puffed rice, and peanuts.

#09.  All-American Pop Star: Combine popcorn, small chocolate candies like M&Ms, almonds and Traina Foods All-American Blend.

#10.  The Elvis: Mix up mini pretzels with peanut butter chips, dried banana chips and Traina Foods dried apricots.

Test drive your favorite hikers' mix from Traina Foods next time you hit the trail!