How to Incorporate Dried Cranberries into Fall Cooking and Baking

How to Incorporate Dried Cranberries into Fall Cooking and Baking

Now that it’s officially November, it’s time to crack open the cranberries! These dried jewels are essential parts of fall and winter holiday feasts from savory to sweet. Traina Foods shares five favorite recipes and ideas for incorporating dried cranberries (and other dried fruit) into seasonal eats.

Starting the day off on the right foot is super-important, and the Traina Foods family happens to believe that their Cranberry Bran Muffins are just the way to do that! A combination of wheat bran, Traina sun dried cranberries and sun dried cherries plus creamy buttermilk and just the right amount of sweetness make these muffins a healthy morning eye-opener. 

During the holidays, it seems there is always a reason to celebrate! Whether hosting a party or simply entertaining some pop-in guests, a cheese and dried fruit board is always a crowd pleaser (especially when accompanied by a glass or two of wine!). Traina Foods suggests taking a fall-winter twist on their classic Cheese and Dried Fruit Board by adding dried cranberries and walnuts or pecans.

A sweet way to add a sweet-yet-tart zing to stuffing, a quintessential holiday feast mainstay, is by adding dried cranberries and even dried blueberries. They not only add big flavor, but also a little pop of color to this classic dish.

For a quick way to jazz up canned or jarred cranberry sauce, add some reconstituted dried cranberries and a little zest of orange. Guests will rave, and they’ll never guess this dish is a delightful dressed up version of a store-bought staple. 

While fall and winter holiday feasts can certainly be heavy, a light and refreshing salad is a perfect way to balance things out. Traina Foods Crunchy Greens with Dried Fruit not only looks festive with its green-and-red color scheme, it’s also a healthy and delicious starter or side for any holiday meal.

For any holiday cooking and baking, Traina Foods encourages home cooks to get creative and not be afraid to add their own flair to a recipe. Dried fruits are a simple and yummy way to change the flavor of dishes both savory and sweet. From cookies and scones to salads, side dishes and main meals, the power of dried fruit should not be underestimated!