Natural California Sun Dried Cherries
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Our Natural California Sun Dried Cherries are naturally sweet, have a deep red color and a firm chewy texture.

Our Natural California Sun Dried Cherries are naturally sweet, have a deep red color and a firm chewy texture.

    • Our Natural California Sun Dried Cherries are naturally sweet flavor with a dark red color and firm chewy texture. Our sun dried cherries go well sweet or savory dishes. Cherries are a perfect addition to a cookie, muffins, scones, and quick bread recipes.  As well as with pork, grilled fish, scallop, duck and wine reductions. Our dried cherries are a great snack.  Spice and flavor pairings that go well are - vanilla, nutmeg, hazelnut and cinnamon, white and dark chocolate and powdered sugar.

    • California Sun Dried Cherries. May contain pits or pit fragments.

    • Energy Bites are an easy no cook snack to make.

      1) In a large bowl thoroughly combine 1 ½ C of quick cooking rolled oats, 1 C of shredded coconut flakes, 1 C of  Sun Dried Cherries, ½ C of dark chocolate chips, ¾ C natural peanut butter, 3 T honey and  ¼ t of pure vanilla extract. 

      2) Chill mixture in the fridge for 30 mins

      3) Remove from fridge and form into balls

      4) place back in fridge for 20 mins

      5) remove and serve. 

    • Lorraine S.
      Feb 15, 2019
      Best Dried Cherries

      These are pure cherries. No added sugar, preservatives or anything. Not cheap and worth. They are flavorful, fresh and contain no debris.

      Wendy S.
      Apr 25, 2019
      Tasty AND Healthy!

      These are really really good! I have tried sweetened dried cherries and they are so sweet not to mention all the sugar consumption. These are real beauties, dark, so good.

      Gus J.
      Jun 4, 2019
      Very good quality

      I use dried cherries almost every day in my oatmeal and I usually buy a 45 lb box from Traina site. The price is so much better. These cherries are the best!

      Ellen T.
      Sep 12, 2019
      Good value

      I love cherries. Just to snack on. I kind of chew them for awhile because I love the flavor so much. I'll buy these again for sure. Good to put in salads also.

      Eddie C.
      Oct 25, 2019
      Great Cherries!!

      These are great! They are just moist enough and not too hard,and they are very flavor full. I will buy again!

      Rusty W.
      Jan 21, 2020
      I'm a Cherrycoholic

      Dried cherries are always pricy. But they are worth it. My standard breakfast is oatmeal with dried cherries added.

      Mackenzie C.
      Feb 25, 2020
      Great deal, perfect level of dehydration

      I was pretty happy with these--they're at the right level of moisture so they still have a little bit of chew to them. Will probably buy again in the future.

      Al G.
      Mar 13, 2020
      Super yummy dried cherries.

      These are absolutely delicious. I use them as a snack mostly but you could cook with them too. Very tasty and finding a pit is a rare occurrence.

      Marty H.
      Apr 20, 2020
      The most delicious dried cherries!

      The best dried cherries!! We've tried several different brands, and these are by far the best! Plump, juicy and flavorful! We highly recommend!!

      mary W.
      Jan 21, 2021
      So obvious

      After working through a whole sack of these gems, the real question is, "Why NOT have these on hand all. the. time?" Forget about how healthy they are, they are delicious. A nice, portable snack. A no-brainer. A staple in my house.

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